About Us

What Motivated Us to Create Bitcoin Evolution?

Many people usually ask us why we decided to create such a complex app if we were already experienced traders. There’s a certain point that you reach as a trader that you ask yourself, “Is that it?” or “Can I get any better than this?” We used to feel stuck at that point, so we started looking for different ways to optimize our trading.

Back then, we didn’t have any issues spending several hours monitoring market data; we were used to it. However, once we started to monitor our daily activity, we noticed that most of our day was spent monitoring and analyzing, which was becoming a problem. If all you do throughout your day is trade, you’re not going to have any problems with that. However, this is not the general case. Most people have other important activities or jobs to attend to, leaving them unprepared for professional trading.

While most people see that as an obstacle to become a better trader, we saw it as an opportunity to create something unique. We started to wonder how we could keep optimizing our trading without investing more time than we already were investing, and that’s when the idea for Bitcoin Evolution clicked.

Our team did a bit of research before starting to develop the app, and we found that several other platforms were doing similar things. However, we tested those platforms by ourselves and noticed that some of them didn’t provide the power that most traders need.

On the other hand, some platforms were way too complex, which added a layer of effort for traders who had problems starting to trade. After finding the right people for the job, we started to develop an app that solved most of these obstacles, providing a much better learning environment for traders, regardless of their skill level.

How the App Improves Your Skills

For those who are wondering: The app itself is not going to make you a good trader. The purpose of the app is to take your trading parameters and use them to find appropriate trades much faster; this saves you from having to spend hours monitoring market data in hopes of finding something that works for you.

Having this free time allows you to investigate and learn more about trading without stressing out for your trading sessions, which translates to better financial decisions. One of the keys to trading is to do it with a clear mind, and this app helps you achieve that.

Our Community is Still Growing, and We Want You to Be Part of It

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our community; you’ve helped us become better and enhance Bitcoin Evolution in ways we would have never thought of! If you want to be part of this story, make sure to sign up today and start trading!